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Our Story

Where It All Started

Frank and Jill Campana love how their idea of owning and operating a gift shop and coffee shop has manifested into something so much more.

Frank moved from New York to Wisconsin in 1989 and formed the Nutman Company. In 1992 the company was incorporated and became The Nutman Co. USA, Inc., which has been serving the gifting needs of corporations and individuals across the country for over 15 years.

Originally from Missouri, Jill retired from 30 years of corporate work in 1999 and after several life-altering events, the space was created for she and Frank to meet that same year. Jill moved to Wisconsin where she and Frank married two years later on July 28, 2001.

If you’re in the area, stop by for a visit, or enjoy browsing through our website and getting a sense of what’s happening within the walls of all of our businesses- Really Cool Gift Shop, Java Dancer Coffee Bar and Cafe, and Sacred Space Studio.