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Living is an art! Our business seeks to represent that art in expression: an art piece of love, strength, and beauty.

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Elevate your cause by fundraising with us—sweetening moments, one event at a time.

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Boost your offerings with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. products—delivering delightful flavors that captivate customers.

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Indulge in The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. treats with a simple click—order online and choose where to have your order shipped.

Gift Boxes and Baskets

Gifting for corporate, employee recognition, special occasion and personal.

We make fundraising easy!

Fundraising with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc.

Fundraise with the highest quality & extremely fresh chocolates, nuts, snack mixes and candy. Our fundraising package is made up of our best-selling products; bagged fresh per order in 9oz bags. The Nutman Co, USA, Inc. helps a very broad array of organizations and concerns with their fundraising efforts.

  • Non-profit Organizations,
  • Schools, Students & Faculty
  • School Sports, Bands
  • And More

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For brick-and-mortar retail businesses, dive into 
a world of opportunity with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Wholesale, where buying and selling unfolds seamlessly, connecting businesses 
with our products.

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Independent Reseller

Unlock the potential of becoming an independent contractor with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc., bringing the sweet taste of success to your neck of the woods. Join us in spreading joy, one delectable treat at a time.

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Fundraise with the highest quality and 
extremely fresh chocolates, nuts and snack mixes and candy.

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Indulge in the extraordinary with The Nutman Co, USA, Inc. premium products – a symphony of flavors crafted to elevate your every moment. Shop now and savor the finest in every bite.

Assorted Nuts & Seeds

Explore The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Assorted Nuts & Seeds – a wholesome blend of nature’s goodness in every delightful bite.


Indulge your cravings with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Candy Collection, sweets that promise to delight your taste buds.


Experience delight with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. 
chocolates – rich flavors with quality craftsmanship.

Corn Nuggets

The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Corn Nuggets combine the wholesome goodness of corn with a perfect blend of 
savory flavors


Elevate your snacking experience with a tantalizing blend 
of flavor and crunch to satisfy every craving.


Indulge guilt-free with The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Sugar-Free Snacks, offering flavorful experiences for those seeking a healthier treat.

Thoughtfully Curated Gifts to Delight and Impress

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Corporate Gifts

Elevate your corporate gifting with exquisite selections from 
The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Our boxes, baskets and various containers are perfect for expressing gratitude to clients, spreading holiday cheer, or adding 
a touch of sweetness to special promotions. Explore our corporate gifts 
and make every gesture a delightful experience.

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Year-Round Special Occasion & Personal Gifts

Make every occasion special with year-round personal gifts from the Nutman Co. USA, Inc. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a gesture to brighten someone’s day, our thoughtfully curated gifts bring joy with any selection. Share the sweetness with those you care about, any time of the year.

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